Promoting Positive Mental Health in 2015

The stress and strain of daily life can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental state of being. Maintaining mental health is just as important as maintaining physical health.  It is crucial to learn strategies and activities to help alleviate these stressors in your life. By taking the right steps today, you can keep your good mental health through 2015 and beyond. Here are some activities you can do to keep the mind fresh and active for the good of your mental health.

Take Time Out for You

Focusing too much on work or any single activity can be quite draining after a period of time. So, find ways to take breaks so you can enjoy your hobbies, activities or projects that you enjoy doing. Whether it is taking a walk in the park, playing a game, drawing pictures or just playing with your pets, this is an excellent way to provide yourself with a great mental break.

Exercise & Eat Right

Proper exercise promotes health in all the organs in your body, including the brain. Be sure that you have some type of physical activity that you can engage in daily such as walking, jogging or even dancing. What we put into our bodies can have an effect on the way we feel. Many studies link good eating habits with strong mental health, so be sure to eat proper, balanced meals.

Build Relationships

While it is definitely important to take time out for yourself, it is equally important to have meaningful relationships with others. Whether it is your partner, child, friends or other family members, finding quality time to share positive experiences with them can be beneficial to your mood.

Challenge (But Don’t Overwhelm) Yourself

Set goals, and accomplish them. If you set a large goal, divide that up into smaller parts. Little steps really add up in the long run!

Channel Your Stress

Stress takes both a physical and mental toll, so you will need to know how to deal with stress before it overwhelms you. Take a time out, learn to meditate, exercise, breathe properly, write in a journal or engage in any activity that can break the cycle of stress in your life.

Give Back

Helping others is a very powerful tool in boosting self-esteem. Volunteering at a local non-profit or staying a few extra minutes after class to help a friend with homework will not only positively impact others, it will play a beneficial role in your life as well.

Get Help When You Need It

At some point, all of us need help so don’t be afraid to ask for it. It is during our time of deepest need that getting help may actually save you from making decisions that are not in your best interest. Keep in mind that asking for a little help early may actually save you from asking for more help later.

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Joyce Cooling is Donating 50% of the Proceeds From Her New Song to Caminar


Joyce Cooling has a new holiday song out and she’s generously donating 50% of proceeds to Caminar. Please help support Joyce and Caminar by purchasing the song on iTunes or Amazon. Thank you!


Joyce Cooling is a San Francisco-based jazz guitarist, vocalist and songwriter who has recorded seven albums – five of which charted on Billboard magazine. She has to her credit two No. 1 singles, six Top-10 and 13 charting radio singles in all and has garnered multiple music awards including the Gibson Best Jazz Guitarist of the Year and Best New Talent in the Jazziz Reader’s Poll. She was a nominee for the California Music Awards, the Oasis Awards, and the Gavin Contemporary Jazz Artist of the Year.

Cooling has performed with Joe HendersonStan GetzMark MurphyAl Jarreau, and Charlie Byrd among other luminaries. The Christmas Song, with Lee Ritenour, and her original single, It’s Feeling Like Christmas, complete her discography. She’s donating half the proceeds of her new song The Holiday’s On to Caminar.

Source: Wikipedia

Silicon Valley Gives Coundown to May 6th, 2014

Caminar is proud to be a participant in this year’s Silicon Valley Gives Day on May 6th. More about SVGives:

“Silicon Valley Community Foundation will host the first-ever day of giving to benefit every nonprofit organization in our region, an event aimed at inspiring and uniting our local community to support philanthropic causes.

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of community foundations, SVCF will raise money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform, providing a great way to connect donors to the charitable causes they care about most and encourage them to take action. This event will provide an opportunity for donors of all different capacities to be involved and will provide invaluable trainings to a broad range of nonprofit organizations.

One of the pillars of SVCF’s mission is to strengthen the common good locally. This 24-hour online fundraising effort will give the community foundation the opportunity to raise millions of dollars for thousands of nonprofits – and make a difference to people’s lives here in Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Benito counties.

This giving day is supported by Razoo, the world’s fastest-growing crowdfunding site for causes. Razoo is committed to creating a more generous world.”

Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health

Exercise for Good Mental Health.


Exercise does more than just improve your physical well being, it can also help you generate good mental health as well. While most people often separate one from the other, the truth is that exercise improves the body as well as the mind.

This is because regular exercise releases certain chemicals in the brain that help you feel better and can actually improve your overall mental state. Some of the advantages include the following;

  • Boost self esteem

  • Better concentration

  • Reduce anxiety & effects of depression

  • Better quality sleep

  • Feel better and more energetic

While exercise alone cannot fight all the effects of mental illness, it can make a positive contribution that can serve as a means of maintaining good mental health. For example, when people finish their exercise routine for the day, they often feel quite good and relaxed whether they have walked, jogged, lifted weights, performed aerobics, yoga or many other forms of exercise.

How Exercise Improves the Mind

There are actually many ways in which exercise actually improves the mental outlook. What follows are just a few ways that exercise can improve your mind as well as your body.

Stress Release: Exercise is one of the best methods for reducing stress. When not properly released, stress can have many negative effects on the body and the mind, including increasing anxiety, depression and even amplifying the effects of mental illness. Exercise reduces the effects of stress to help people live longer, healthier lives.

Better Sleep: Because your body is being properly worked out, your sleep pattern will improve. A good exercise session in the morning or afternoon five days a week leads to better sleep which in turn improves the minds, lifts the spirits and creates more energy for the day.

Fun and Social Interactions: One of the best ways to improve the mental state is by having more fun and exercise is a way to achieve that goal. The key is to mix up the exercise routine so that it is different each day. That way, you challenge your body and keep the mind interested. Plus, if you work out at a health center or gym, you can meet new people who have the same goals as you in mind.

How to Work Proper Exercise into your Routine

Good physical activity and exercise should be performed five days a week at least 30 minutes per day. The best part is that you do not have to engage in heavy or stressful exercise to achieve your goals. Instead, activities as simple as a brisk walk can not only improve your overall physical condition, but your mental health as well.

The exercises you perform need to be just difficult enough to make you break a sweat, but not leave you exhausted. In effect, you are running your body up faster than normal, but not enough to cause any undue stress. A good walk is a great platform for your exercise program and you can add weight lifting, cross training, aerobics or whatever you feel comfortable in performing so you can both improve the body and the mind simultaneously. and